MBD: Girl Edition | Girls' Holiday Marketplace

In a marketplace setting, girls display and sell their products and services to event attendees. It's a great way for girls to learn the ins and outs of product packaging and presentation, and booth preparation. Judges award a cash prize to the girl-owned business with the all-around strongest presentation.

Join us for MBD: Girl Edition 2019 Holiday Marketplace!

Saturday, December 7, 2019 | 12-4 PM | Girls Preparatory School campus at 205 Island Avenue in Chattanooga
Open to the public


Girls ages 7-17 can jumpstart or grow their businesses by selling their products and services at their own booths at the Marketplace. Free pre-event entrepreneur workshops offered to help them be successful.


Family, friends, and the public are invited to shop the marketplace and boost #girlpreneurs and their business ventures. Admission is free, but your response is appreciated.


Be a sponsor, mentor, or volunteer. Your support encourages girls to become bold entrepreneurs and be mighty, brilliant, and determined. Scroll down for the ways to get involved.


Do you have a product or service to sell? Start preparing your products and planning how you’ll wow your customers with a booth in the Marketplace, which is open to the public. Judges will award a cash prize to the girl-owned business with the all-around strongest presentation.
Ready to debut your business at the Girls’ Marketplace? Maybe you’re not sure how? Free pre-event entrepreneur workshops are available and open to the public. All workshops are two-hours long and will be hosted at the downtown Chattanooga Public Library.
“MBD is a good place to start your business without the pressure of having a perfect product. Don’t be afraid to try things that seem unrealistic at first because you can do more with what you have than you think.”
—2017-18 Girls' Marketplace Vendor


Support #GIRLPRENEURS! Be a marketplace mentor, sponsor, or volunteer. 

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  • Girls' Marketplace | Mentor

    The role of the marketplace mentor is to provide valuable, strategic guidance of girls ages 7-17 participating in the marketplace in order to help them set up and run their sales booth throughout the event. We expect mentors to share their experience and expertise with their marketplace vendor to help them run a successful sales booth. Marketplace mentors are expected to spend approximately five hours with their girl vendor to assist with the setup and execution of their marketplace booth.
  • Girls' Marketplace | Sponsor

    Sponsor a girl and her entrepreneurial dreams. Your support encourages girls to become bold entrepreneurs and be mighty, brilliant, and determined!

    As an MBD: Girl Edition sponsor, your business messaging reaches hundreds of people and aligns you with a community that values education and the importance of encouraging girls as they pursue entrepreneurship.

    Learn more about sponsorship opportunities and benefits HERE. Contact Lauren Hayes, MBD Program Director, at info@getyourmbd.com, for more information.
  • Girls' Marketplace | General Event Volunteer

    Provide assistance at check-in and registration Saturday morning, answer general questions from guests and participants, and more. 


For more information on how to participate, become a sponsor or volunteer, or obtain promotional materials to distribute at your school, contact Lauren Hayes, MBD Program Director, at info@getyourmbd.com.


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