MBD: Girl Edition | 24Hour Generator

Teams of girls are formed from public and private schools across the region. They are presented with a problem a local business is experiencing and with the help of a mentor, collaborate on ideas to solve it. They spend 24 hours developing and testing solutions before making a final pitch as a team to a panel of judges for a cash prize. It is an intense but life-changing experience as girls broaden their networks, gain new skills, and see what's possible!

MBD: Girl Edition | 24Hour Generator
@ Girls Preparatory School campus at 205 Island Avenue in Chattanooga


Girls in seventh and eighth grades compete in this life-changing experience! Participants are divided into teams and assigned both a facilitator and a mentor to guide the idea generation process. Each team is then presented with a problem or issue a local business or organization is facing (the reverse pitch) and spends 24 hours working together to devise a practical solution. At the end of the event, teams make their final pitches to a panel of judges for a cash prize. 
“MBD taught me that it’s okay to take comfortable risks. Your end goal doesn’t have to be starting your own business. Through MBD: Girl Edition, you can learn skills that prepare you for any business. It’s an extremely fun event and an opportunity girls should take.”
—24Hour Generator participant
For more information on how to participate, become a sponsor or volunteer, or obtain promotional materials to distribute at your school, contact Lauren Hayes, MBD Program Director, at info@getyourmbd.com.



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